Laid-back Laos

Laid-back Laos

Situated in the middle of the tourist hubs Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia down south, Laos is rapidly gaining more and more tourists every year. This really nice country has it’s own hidden marvels, one just have to look closely.


I had the privilege to discover this wonderful place back in the summer of 2009 (when i say summer it means March -May in South East Asia). I left my previous job so i had to leave the country to get a visa. How else to spend the summer but with some holiday trip way up North!


There were 5 of us on this long journey but it was worth it. We hit 3 birds with 1 stone; first stop was in Vientianne, the capital city where we got our visa at the Thai consulate. For side trips, we got see the Patuxai monument and the beautiful temples including the Pha That Luang and the buddha park.





We continued our journey to Luang Prabang. It’s a really nice place…i felt like I time- traveled some 30 years back! We found our home for for few nights at My Lao Home for only USD 4/night a person. It’s a cool town so no air-cons needed.


In this country I have seen the prettiest waterfalls ever with its blue waters..the Kuang Xi Waterfalls! It’s AHH-MAZE-BALLZ!




my models (tourists who doesn’t know they’re included in the shot! lol)

Since the Mekong river was near, we went for the river trip to see a cave temple. It was a great experience.




When i get to travel like this it just put me into trance. It’s a natural high for me and it just makes me appreciate all the beauty and wonders in the world!


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